We are a Polish HVAC system leader.

OWe have been fitting out offices, hotels, public utility buildings as well as industrial sites and warehouses with our systems for many years.

We offer comprehensive services – from design and build concept preparation to building permit documentation and detailed designs, to through preparation of bills of materials and handling of commercial processes, to complete installation of the systems, assistance in the occupancy permit application procedure and maintenance services.


We design and fully fit out various types of structures spaces with:

  • comfort ventilation and air conditioning systems

  • fire ventilation systems

  • cooling systems

  • heating systems

  • water supply and sewage systems

  • gas systems

  • fire hydrant and sprinkler systems

  • water supply, sewage, gas and heating networks and connections

  • automatic control systems

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The expertise of our engineering team in the aforementioned fields has also allowed TKT Engineering sp. z o.o. to offer specialist specialised services with regard to implementation of diverse technologies in accordance with the intended use of facilities and Clients’ expectations, such as:


  • air compression and vacuum techniques

  • steam systems

  • water treatment for industrial processes

  • cooling water systems in industrial processes

  • heat recovery in manufacturing processes

  • industrial air extraction and scrubbing in production halls


  • sprinkler, drencher, foam and powder systems

  • gaseous fire suppression (CO2 2, argon, FM-200, etc.)

  • outdoor and indoor fire hydrants

  • horizontal and vertical evacuation route protection


  • construction and upgrading of cleanroom systems

  • process technologies

  • equipment selection

  • cleanroom air supply and extraction

  • systems validationw


  • heat pumps

  • solar panels

  • cogeneration and trigenerationa

Design stages

We provide comprehensive design development services at each stage of project delivery:

  • feasibility studies

  • conceptual designs

  • building permit documentation

  • execution stage designs

  • shop drawings

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