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FORUM GDAŃSK, one of the most modern shopping complexes in Europe, has opened its doors.



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The mission of TKT Engineering is to offer its customers comprehensive technical solutions within the scope of technical equipment for buildings, including the delivery, installation, start-up, and servicing of sanitary technical installations in various facilities in Poland.


Recent projects

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Crown Square Office Building - Warszawa
Crown Square Office Building - Warszawa
ECE Zielona Arkady bydgoszcz
ECE Zielona Arkady bydgoszcz
Retail Park IKEA Bielany
Retail Park IKEA Bielany

May 2018 - TKT Engineering Wroc³aw branch – project in progres
Expansion of the PLATAN shopping center in Zabrze. The works consist of modifications in the existing shopping space as well as the construction of a new part of the center and a 3-level car park. Types of installations: central heating and process heating, ventilation, plumbing and hydrant, gas, condensing units for air handlers, cooling water for heat pump   
May 2018 TKT Engineering Poznań branch – project completed
FORUM Gdańsk is an investment created in the formula of partnership between a private investor and a public partner, namely the international Multi Development BV corporation and the City of Gdańsk. The design of the space – particularly as refers to the squares – is unique. In the Gdańsk Forum there will be around 140 shops and service outlets a   
May 2018 TKT Engineering Poznań branch – project in progress
The first Mercedes-Benz engine factory in Poland is being built in the municipality of Jawor, situated about 70 km west of Wroc³aw, in the Wa³brzych Special Economic Zone. The plant, as part of the newly created Mercedes-Benz Manufacturing Poland company, will produce four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. TKT Engineering   
January 2018 TKT Engineering Wroc³aw branch – start of the project
Execution of internal mechanical installations in the reconstructed part of the 3M production plant located in Wroc³aw, for the purpose of introducing a new technological line for the LM6 silicone coating machine into the existing production hall, which is part of the IATD2 building.   
December 2017 TKT Engineering Warsaw branch – start of the project
"ArtNorblin" is a complex of multifunctional buildings located on the site of the former Norblin Factory. The office and service facility will comprise 9 above-ground and 4 underground levels. The scope of the works performed by TKT covers the mounting of the following systems: ventilation, fire ventilation, VRF, process heating, chilled water, hydrant, spr   
December 2017 TKT Engineering Wroc³aw branch – start of the project
CU Office A is a modern and functional A-class (Excellent level according to BREEAM) office-service-commercial building with flexible leasable spaces. The building has a total area of 25 210 m2, 8 above-ground storeys and 3 underground ones. Repeatable floors from +1 to +7 are intended for office spaces, while commercial and service (including gastronomy) sp   
December 2017 TKT Engineering branch Warsaw – project completed
Hotel Holiday Inn, Twarda Street 52, 00-831 Warsaw. Scope of works: underfloor sewage system, ventilation and air conditioning, heating/cooling, hydrant and sprinkler, plumbing, automatic control and BMS installation. Holiday Inn Hotel is the first facility in Poland built with the use of technology of prefabricated installation walls "INSTA-BLOC". Impleme   
December 2017 TKT Engineering Warsaw branch –project in progress
The implementation of the detailed design involving the installation of mechanical and sanitary systems in the Business Garden Wroc³aw stage 2 is underway. The office complex is located in Wroc³aw in the Fabryczna district, Legnicka Street. Construction began in July 2017 and will end in the fourth quarter of 2019. The total area of ​​the 14-stor   
December 2017 - TKT Engineering Poznań branch - project in progress
Multifunctional FORUM Gdańsk complex with a shopping center consists of 200 stores and 9 screening rooms, food court area, parking garage with 1000 parking spaces and a central hotel-restaurant section. The contract covers implementation of the executive project, ventilation and dehumidification ventilation system, cooling and heating installation, constant-   


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